10 Feet + Beyond: Designing Connected Entertainment

November 2, 2016

Last year, over 220 million streaming devices were sold, allowing users to interact with content, in bold, new ways. No longer isolated by a single screen, unifying the experience across the connected ecosystem is essential to maintain engaged and loyal users. From streaming media players and smart TVs to gaming consoles and virtual reality, this is an exciting time for connected technology.

This talk will leap into designing the experience for streaming devices and the entertainment ecosystem. Unifying your designs for wearables, handsets, tablets and web browsers is complicated, but adding the large-screen form factor presents new challenges, solvable by design patterns.

About Mark:

Mark Wolfe is a UX design consultant at Slalom. He’s passionate about creating beautiful and innovative experiences across devices of all sizes and connections. His work in this space has benefited many of the most recognized brands from Fortune 100 companies to the pluckiest of startups. When he’s not working with clients, Mark can be seen ogling design history, playing mediocre third base and drinking loads of coffee.