Design Process: The Art of Guided Chaos with Eric Toledo

September 6, 2017

Design is messy. Bringing structure to design is a challenge when the business is moving fast and your team is learning to scale. It’s all about the art of guided chaos. Participants will learn about what goes into “design process” for the product design team at MailChimp, and how we think about healthy, collaborative environments.

Eric Toledo is the Director of Design Operations at MailChimp where he runs the talented product design team. He is a storyteller, tinkerer, problem solver, and champion of fostering a shared vision across an organization. With more than 15 years of design lead experience, Eric is driven by a fascination for how design teams work, a passion for building highly collaborative environments, a fearless pursuit of delightful experiences, and an unending curiosity for the customers that MailChimp serves. Previously, he served as the product design lead at TestFlight before it was acquired by Apple in 2014. As part of the iTunes design team, Eric led the design effort for TestFlight for iOS and tvOS as well as release management tools for the App Store.