Engaging Engineering in Design (Here Come the Neckbeards)

January 7, 2015



• 8:30-9am: Breakfast & Networking

• 9:15 – 9:45am: Presentation by Josh Teague

• 9:45-10am: Q&A

Topic: Engaging Engineering in Design (Here Come the Neckbeards)

Most of the time, designers can get along (and get stuff done) with other designers. We speak the same language. We share an understanding of the obsessive design process, and more often than not, a passion for fussy coffee. Designers also tend to work pretty well with copywriters — after-all, we understand that a good UI is oftentimes simply a reflection of good copywriting. Same for the folks on the marketing team: They, as we do, understand there’s a receiving audience to our work. Someone with a name, a face, and a story to go along with them. So we go about our day and do our thing…

And then there’s the engineering group.

Presenter: Josh Teague, Design Lead at FullStory (@joshteague)

Josh is currently leading design efforts at FullStory, a beloved new Atlanta startup focused on providing customer-oriented tools to product teams. Prior to FullStory, Josh worked at Google on dozens of inspiring projects including Gmail, Search, Chrome, AdWords and more. Josh will be speaking on how designers can better engage engineering teams to create breakthrough product experiences. We’ll also talk and laugh about Rocky IV.