Finding Zen in Servant Leadership

Eric Toledo

July 1, 2021

Managing teams through change and uncertainty while coaching and advocating for your discipline can be a scary road without the right mindset and support mechanisms. Eric talks through some lessons learned in his time growing teams at various organizations as a Servant Leader. Participants will take away some handy tools and thought exercises to apply in their own journey into management, leadership, and throughout career growth.

Eric Toledo is the Director of Product Design at Salesforce where he leads the talented UX team at Pardot. He is a father of two, dad joker, song writer and occasional strategist with over 18 years of experience building and shipping Saas products.

Previously, he served as Director of Design at Mailchimp where he helped evolve platform capabilities for the business and scaled the team through some of its highest growth years. Before that Eric was at Apple where he led the design effort for TestFlight and release management tools for the App Store.

Photo courtesy Eric Toledo and Cherry Laithang on Unsplash