Interaction Design and the Experience of the Paris Metro

May 2, 2018

The Paris metro is a well-designed system that sees heavy traffic everyday. Through excellent use of several Nielsen-Norman UX heuristics, this system is able to accommodate a broad user base and give those users a pleasant experience. I will highlight some specific instances of how that system applies UX standards in a high-traffic, real-world (not digital) environment, and how we can translate those same ideas into other systems. Reaching out of the box that is the digital world can lead to more creative problem solving, and I’d like to share how this particular instance of design in the physical world could translate to improved designs in the digital world.

Rania Glass is a UX Designer at AnswerRocket. She’s always called Atlanta home, having grown up in the metro area and recently finished school at Georgia Tech. While there, she served as president of Georgia Tech’s Design Club, helping to expose more students within computer science to UX design. She thinks a lot about the overlap between art and science that is design and this line of thinking has generated her interest in environment design, service design, and brought her to a career in UX design.

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