Making Remote Work Feel Less Remote with Nate Osborne

August 5, 2015

Making Remote Work Feel Less Remote: Staying Connected on a Distributed Team

As a remote worker, it’s easy to feel left out of the in-person connections that can happen in a traditional office. Audio and video for meetings is often miserable for those not attending in person. For those in the office, it can be hard to remember to include team members who aren’t physically present, and to make sure all can see, hear, and be heard.

But remote work doesn’t have to feel so remote!

In this talk, Nate will present general tips for staying connected as a remote worker, specific hardware and software recommendations for improving collaboration, and some best practices for setting up different types of meetings with remote team members so that all are included.


8:30-9am: Good Breakfast & Networking
9 – 9:45am: Sweet Presentation
9:45-10am: Friendly Q&A