Mario’s Mustache: Designing Within Constraints

February 7, 2018

• What we’ll do
Some of the best design work comes from working around or within constraints, whether they have been intentionally embraced or forced by a project’s platform, requirements, or your boss.

UX isn’t talked about much in the games industry at large, but I can’t think of any other medium where the participant is as essential to the experience. Come listen to me rant about video game design for about 30 minutes.

• About the speaker
Carlos Quiñones is a man in his mid 30s that thinks an awful lot about video games. Back in the early 2010s, he co-founded a video game studio called Secret Library with a few of his friends and went on to create a handful of iOS games with a focus on simplicity and approachability. He’s also held totally real and legit jobs at Turner Broadcasting, The Weather Channel and is currently a Senior iOS Developer at Possible Mobile.

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