Responsive Design in the Real World (and amUX’s Birthday!)

September 2, 2015

We’re celebrating our birthday at September’s meetup with a great talk and (possibly, maybe) some surprises. Matt D. Smith (@mds) will be talking about Responsive Design in the Real World—something he knows quite a bit about.

Matt is the owner and Design Director at Studio Mds, a small independent design studio in Athens, GA. He created the Float Label Pattern for digital form input fields, which is now a design standard in Google’s Material Design Guidelines.

Here’s what we’ll be talking about:

“Making responsive websites is hard. Throw a bunch of opinionated people in the mix and it can feel nearly impossible. Let’s dig into what it takes to handle the pixels and the people really well. From beginning to end, we’ll walk through a solid, designer-focused process to make your next project a success.

I’ve lead and collaborated on many different projects with a multitude of team variations and have seen the good, the bad, and ugly when it comes to responsive design. Both designers and developers can feel disempowered if they’re not included throughout the entire process, which leads to subpar products. I’ll share my experience and process as both designer and developer that can help you knock it out of the park.”

Celebrate our first birthday with us by meeting your fellow UX-curious ATLiens and learning something new. See you Wednesday, September 2!