“Speaking Emoji” with Rachel Peters

August 3, 2016

Emojis are probably the most prolific pictorial language used today, but why? And what does it mean for conversation between businesses and customers? Is there a place for emojis in your dialogue with customers? In this talk, we’ll look at why we use emojis, some emoji history, and what we can learn from emojis about communication with others. I’ll share examples of emoji use from different brands and people, some with positive results and some exchanges that didn’t go so well.

About Rachel Peters
Once upon a time I was a high school English teacher. When I ran away screaming from that and into the arms of grad school, I discovered the world of UX, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Currently I’m the UX Lead for Launch Interactive, an agency in downtown Atlanta. You can learn more about Launch at http://www.launchjourney.com/.