The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up your UX Process

February 6, 2019

Sophia V Prater is the chief evangelist for object-oriented UX, a foolproof process for creating simple and naturally intuitive digital environments. She teaches her OOUX methodologies all over the world—at conferences, within companies, and through 1-on-1 coaching. Sophia has brought OOUX to, Athena Healthcare, Delta Airlines, Intercom, Credit Karma,, Mastercard, and dozens more. She’s also an organizer for the Atlanta chapter of Ladies that UX, creator of the UX Hustle Summit Conference, and the host the UX Hustle Podcast.

In this talk, Sophia will give us a crash course in OOUX, helping us simplify our process and our products We will learn to ask and answer the following foundational questions:

What are the objects in our users’ world?
What’s the structure of these objects?
How do they connect?
How do they relate to the user?

By baking these answers into the bones of our information architecture, we’ll gain glorious clarity on what we are actually designing. We will also be better equipped to avoid the four biggest UX fails: masked objects, shape-shifting objects, broken objects, and isolated objects.

Designers of the digital world are constantly challenged by complexity clutter. Come learn how to tidy up with OOUX!