To Be Determined

July 3, 2019

We aren’t who we think we are. We aren’t who other people think we are. We are who we think other people think we are. Because of this, we can often limit ourselves unnecessarily based on the negative thoughts entering our minds. This affects our designs, our careers, and our lives. But the good new is, you have control. Join to hear some personal stories and a swift kick in the pants to increase your confidence and your trajectory.

About our Speaker
Matt D. Smith has been accidentally running his small independent design studio in Athens, GA for over a decade. He specializes in interface design for native mobile and web-based apps. When not designing for clients, he makes resources for others in the form of YouTube videos, apps, design libraries, and online courses. He’s a proud father of four and has led creative work for agencies and brands all over the world. He tweets about design and such under the handle @mds on Twitter.