Transitioning from UX to Product Management

March 1, 2017

Transitioning from UX to Product Management (on a Balanced Team in an Enterprise Setting)

Transitioning from UX to Product Management can be a logical next step for UX Designers and Researchers, Information Architects or Interaction Designers who want to get more involved in the business side of things and have influence over the direction of the entire experience. Sounds awesome right? I thought so. And still do.

At the core, having a UX background gives you an incredible advantage, as you can apply the same skills and competencies to creating a stellar user experience. But the path to being a successful product manager includes a lot more responsibility, focus, business knowledge, team management skills and collaboration. It’s like being a business owner.

In this talk we’ll walk through my experience in making the transition in an enterprise organization, that uses agile development principles on a balanced team. We’ll talk about the skills that translate well and the new skills that you may want to acquire. And of course there will be stories of successes and failures. Join us!

About Jane

Jane Guthrie has spent the majority of her career conceptualizing, architecting, evaluating, and enhancing digital user experiences for companies such as Sotheby’s, SunTrust, Lowe’s, Kraft, Nestle, Acura, Coca-Cola, Cox Communications and The Home Depot.

After many years in UX design, Jane transitioned to Product Management so that she could drive the creation of experiences and build software based on real user needs in collaborative, team-oriented settings. Using a blend of lean and agile methodologies, Jane works collaboratively with her clients to test and validate ideas and create easy-to-use experiences that bring their business strategy to life.

She is the proud owner of a dachshund named, Fabio, loves to experiment with watercolors and tell jokes. The jokes aren’t always good.