UX Career Growth: Interviews and Mentorship

May 3, 2017

amUX is back in May with a special double feature! We’ll be hearing from invested members of our community about two crucial topics: mentorship and the interview experience.

UX Your Mentorship from Diane DeSeta, Founder of UX Mentors and Manager Usability at Manheim

Mentorship can be a valuable part of your career growth. In this short talk we will explore how to engage a mentor, managing your relationship and apply a method for ensuring that both sides of the relationship get the most out of this shared experience.

Designing Your Interview Experience from Sofia Krasny and Karissa Buckner of Synergis Creative

Perfecting your portfolio and resume will catch the hiring manager’s eye, but how do you survive the full interview process? Sofia Krasny and Karissa Buckner at Synergis Creative/sync will talk you through the tips and tricks of portfolio reviews and interviewing to land that dream gig.

Come ready to learn more, ask questions, and connect with the Atlanta UX community. See you soon!